Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working Pretties

Busy, Busy, Busy!! (aren't we all??)
Just working and thought these looked pretty.
Have a lovely day.


Shell said...

Hi Sweetie!
How ARE YOU? I haven't talked to you in SO long! Hope life is going well!~

Your post reminds me of when I first found "you" and,,,,also started blogging!

I got published this month in "Romantic Country" Magazine! You were part of my first blogging experiences!

I have a little Giveaway,,,,,(Ends tomorrow) IF you want to stop over and say "HI". Or,,,,,I'd love an email to hear what's "UP"! I know you've been busy with family, but would love to touch base!

Hugs, LOVE and a Big BUS on the Cheek!

Shell said...

Okay, this is TOO funny! You posted on my Contest blog Sweetie, you were the LAST one,,,,,and YOU won!

So, You get a copy of "Romantic Country" Mag,,,,,,Do I sign my "blurb" or no? And,,,you get one of my mini-heart wreaths!

I posted one with pastels for the giveaway,,,,,,,But if you'd rather have one all in neutrals, let me know......But I think I kinda KNOW that you are a "Pastel" kinda Gal!

Send me your "Snail Mail" Addy to and I'll get it out to you soon!

I'm really happy that YOU won Cari. You've been "there" for me from ALMOST the very start of my blogging!

I know you are busy with the kids/family! But,,,I'm grining BIG time, because YOU won!

Hugs, love and a BUS on the Cheek!
And do NOT forget to email me a home addy!