Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Vintage Christmas Swap Reveal

I know I'm late but I still wanted to show you all of the amazing goodies I received from my Christmas swaps. So, today I'll show you my goodies from A Very Vintage Christmas Ephemera Swap and tomorrow I'll show you some fabulous ornaments from my ornament swap.

First of all, Cristina sweetpeaink our hostess with some help from her momma put together these fabulous sewn bags to hold everything. WOW!! Now, I'll just show you the pictures and list the participants. The pictures do not necessarily coincide with the links.

Amy Powers, Catherine Aguilera, Cerri littlepinkstudio, Gina embraceyourbliss, Lynn createbreath

Look at how lovingly packaged everything is!

Kristen sweetdreamsartstudio, Jessica Rodarte, Marilee rose-brier, Sara Blagg, Trina thepaperfleamarket

I truly believe that bloggers are the most generous people in the world!

Michelle Geller, Karla Steele, Heidi Wallingfond, Kerry k8tykat, Yvonne Welty, Vicki texasscrapaddict Deborah debsvintagesoul, Teresa foxhollowtales, Pamela keravuori, Aimee Kruse-Ross, Kelly Deal

These two gigantic Santa seals are absolutely fabulous, I don't even know how anyone could part with them. I'm sure glad they did though! lol!!

Lori myvintagewhimsy, Kana Conger, and Hope Karney

Well, that's it for this swap. Totally yummy right!??!!

I hope you all had an absolutely amazing Christmas and that your upcoming New Years Eve is safe and full of love and family.



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Letter Day!!

O.k. as some of you may know, I've been M.I.A. (missing in action) lately. Well she's why. We've been going crazy here with her college ap, and essays and letters of recommendations, and sending scores, and transcripts, etc., etc., etc., well..... you get the idea.
She's really smart and researched the statistics on early application acceptance in comparison with regular application acceptance and decided "early application" was definitely the way to go. Well, she did it, we did it, we managed to get everything there, on time, with only a few hiccups along the way. Yeah.
Then the wait..................
it felt like forever.
I got sick to my stomach every time I had to get the mail, I mean who wants to be the one to tell their child that they can't go to the school of their dreams right?!!
So, today was the day we were supposed to know by.
I'm just sitting in the car waiting to pick up my two youngest from school and my screaming, hysterical, out of breath girl calls me up and says......
(oh yeah, she got into the Tisch School of NYU)
(She's going to be a screenplay writer, How fun right?!!)
She had been checking her email all day at school and had just found out. I didn't believe her, I was in shock, I made her read me the email just to make sure she read it right. She had :-)
I am so proud of her.
(sad that she's going to leave too)

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Little" Christmas Gift

So, I have a question for you all.
Do you ever feel bad when you cut up an old book?
What if it was a German prayer book from 1863?
I don't usually feel to bad about cutting up books. See, I feel like I'm saving them from obscurity. I'm taking something discarded and sharing it with all of you fabulous creators and by doing so turning something decaying and abandoned into fabulously cherished works of art.
Except This One!!
I cut it up for a fabulous Christmas themed ephemera swap I was in. (wait till you see all of the goodies later this week!) But boy, did I feel really bad cutting it up.
So, I've decided I will no longer cut up this sweet tiny little treasure. But, I did want you all to have a little piece of it too. So, please feel free to use the above images for your own personal creations. Please don't reprint the images to sell as they are.
At least this way this book can live on forever.