Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another game of catch-up.
Here are some photos of a Christmas Stocking Swap that I recently participated in. It was hosted by the lovely Cerri from littlepinkstudio.
We were supposed to make a stocking! O.k.... I don't know how to work a sewing machine! I mean it, I won a wonderful sewing machine once and broke it, I took it and had it fixed and still can't work it.. I mean, I've even bought a few (yes, more than one) of those little tiny sewing machines so that I could sew through paper on tags, etc. Nope!! Can't work any of them.
I really don't know why I have such a problem with the machines. I mean I can work a blow torch and soldering iron competently, but a sewing machine?!?! Apparently not!
I do "hand-sew" fairly well though. So, long story less long (I mean the whole "long story short", ship has kind of sailed. LOL) Here is the stocking that I lovingly hand sewed.
I made the flower on the front detachable so that it can be worn as a brooch if desired. Here are some of the other goodies I stashed inside. My partner wanted pastel pink, blue, and green and she also mentioned that she loved mice, mushrooms, and food.
I had so much fun hunting around for lovely items to add to her stocking. I painted the inside of this little cut glass jar and scoured the area for vintage mice, to no avail :-(. I wasn't super lucky with the mushrooms either so I embroidered a small piece of linen with a sweet picture of a little girl surrounded by mushrooms. I got the image from Molliemakes magazine. I somehow didn't get a picture but it did turn out super sweet.
I also found a yummy box of mushroom cookies dipped in chocolate that I sent along with the other goodies. I had such a blast putting it all together. I hope she had just as much fun getting it. Tomorrow I will show you the mind blowing package that I received from my partner!!!


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koralee said...

What fun...your stocking is lovely and all the sweet goodies...thank you for sharing the joy.
Thank you for visiting me the other day....such sweetness over here. xo
Hugs for a blessed New Year.