Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last of the Christmas Swaps

O.K, I was going to post these pictures a few days ago and then...
I got sick! ugh!!! I never get sick. Anyways...
I did a fabulous Christmas stocking swap hosted by Cerri Campbell. My partner was the amazing Wanda Clark from theratspajama. Look at what I saw when I opened the (very large) box.
(Look at the items from Julie Collings etsy shop, LOVE the trees, Wanda dyed those herself!!)
O.K, let me say that I have been a part in some fabulous swaps before but seriously, all due respect to my previous partners, I've never seen anything like this before!!
Wanda got me some AMAZING things!!
I love, love, love the vintage trim and ribbons.
Look at how sweet she rolled up all of the little pieces of fabric, and the lovely appliqué flowers.
Are you drooling yet?!? I still am! Look at the rhinestones, and how cute are those little bottles filled with deliciousness!
Everything was is in my favorite colors and all of my favorite kinds of goodies! Sooooo many lovely buttons, I could just eat them up but, then I wouldn't have them anymore. LOL
Beautiful millinery and vintage beads and broken lovely vintage pearl necklaces.
Wanda sent me the neatest set of cards, they are small and lovely, they spell out the most wonderful words. I can't wait to use them to make a banner for my desk. Oh, and look at the beads!
O.K., crazy right!? To top it off, she sent me the most amazing vintage scarf of Italy, some beautiful vintage glass flowers, and a wonderful handmade tag.
I'm sorry it took me so long to get this posted,
I still have everything in the box and almost daily, I take each little bag of goodies out of the box and ooh and ahh over them again and again.
I feel very blessed.

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