Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Much Love

Sometimes Angels fall from heaven and we just have to thank God that we get to be near them. This is my Emma. She's 14 today!!!
Happy Birthday!
Let me tell you a little about this amazing "Angel". She has straight A's, almost A+'s and she has for the last 3 years. (she's a bit obsessed).
She's not just smart, she's the sweetest girl I've ever met. Truly, parents of her friends (whom I've never even met) will come up to me and sing her praises, telling me stories of how they were almost brought to tears by how considerate or encouraging or helpful she was to their child. I always tell them that I don't take any credit for my Emma. She's always been her own little person. Even when she was a baby and would throw fits. LOL
You should have seen her, she'd lay down on the ground wherever we were and not move or make a sound. People would say, "I think she fell" and we'd just say "nope, she's just throwing a fit" then she'd get over it and get up and be sweet as pie again. She was so good as a baby that I would forget to feed her sometimes (terrible right!!), she'd be playing sweet and peaceful and then you'd look at the clock and go "oh my gosh, you need to eat!"
I just wanted to share a little about my youngest daughter.
Happy Birthday Emma