Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
O.k, Time for some resolutions.... again....
but first..... I've got to play a little catch up. I was in a wonderful Christmas ornament swap with HollDoll from my Marie Antoinette group and these are the absolutely stunning
ornaments that she sent me. Look at all of the work that went into them!! I mean seriously, the ball ornament must have 50 handmade fabric roses! wow!!
This snowman is so precious too. I just love here crown of lace and rhinestone buttons. Fabulous!
O.k.... so onto the Resolutions.....
hmmm. Well, there are always the old standbys.... get in shape, eat better, don't procrastinate
etc..... and of course, blog more! LOL O.k, I'm making a commitment. I'm going to blog more. (That's it!) I can't commit to more than "more" but I REALLY am going to try and blog more.
I should be able to do it this time, I've worked out all of the kinks. I've got a laptop now, AND I finally figured out how to put my pictures onto it! yay!! so...... no more excuses! Well.... just life, I guess but hey, I'm going to try. I miss blogging, I miss all of you, I miss all of the creativity in blogland. So... here I go again.
(These are the ornaments that I sent to my partner. We both loved glitter, silver, cream, white and pink. I hope she liked them, it was so much fun making them. )
Wish me luck. I wish you luck in all of your Resolutions too!

More swap catching up to come.

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