Friday, April 30, 2010

Smells of Spring

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I love the Smells of Spring
I wish I had "smell-o vision" so you could smell it too.

The first "smell" of spring for me is the Orange blossoms. We have 4 citrus trees in the backyard that smell fabulous. Everyone who walks up to our front door is greeted with that super sweet aroma. (I forgot to get a picture of the citrus in bloom). My second "smell" of spring is this fabulous rose bush.It started out in our backyard with the intent to grow up and over a trellis. It never grew. Ugh!! We decided to replace it with something more aggressive but were hesitant to rip it out. We knew we would move it but were afraid it would go into shock. We moved it to a little tiny planter on the corner of our front yard driveway. Boy did it like it's new home. It blooms all year long. But, the best thing by far is the smell.
My husband was in his car leaving the other day and I was talking to him through his sunroof. I tried to grab a rose so that he could smell it and the petals all fell off in my hand. So.... I grabbed at a bunch of fading roses and then showered my love with the highly fragrant petals through his sunroof. He thought it was funny. Luckily for me, he hasn't asked me to clean them out of his car. (yet!!)

Have a lovely Spring weekend.




stefanie said...

gorgeous!!!!! I cant belive there is a nest on top of that tiny!!

Ellie said...

Lovely, I love roses, gorgeous pics!
I love what you did; too cute! My husband wouldn't of been happy~

Maija said...

I already entered!Come be my friend on my blog and enter a giveaway!

Elyse said...

mmmmmm! i can just imagine (even without smell-o-vision - LOL)



Karin said...

I love your rose bush...beautiful!!

kanishk said...

I love roses, gorgeous pics!
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