Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Peachy!

Hello everyone!!
I've been MIA for awhile.

I've been super busy with the kids on Spring Break. But, I did manage to squeeze in some time to "thrift shop". Look at some of the yummy goodies I found. I bought the necklaces above to re purpose but they look so nice on the sweet tray I am torn.....I think my absolute favorite find was this wonderful OLD French dictionary. I think it's a dictionary, I don't read french, I think it might be a type of encyclopedia. It's got lots of definitions and maps and pictures and such. Yummy!!!! It's so sweet, there are even pressed Pansies inside.

I've got another swap to post about soon.




Lori said...

great finds Cari...i love how your necklaces look on that dish, such a pretty picture!!!

Lisa said...

Oh great questions!!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

Ok SO I cannot watch tv and blog! hehe Great finds!! Not sure where questions came from!
Hugs, Lisa

Ellie said...

I am jealous; pretty necklaces on display; but I love the french book with the pressed pansies! Great finds!

clare's craftroom said...

Wow weren't you lucky finding all those pretty things !