Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Visitor

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We have a little visitor!!

and boy do I mean little! This is a hummingbird. She (I keep calling it a "He" for some reason) has decided to make her nest underneath out patio cover on top of one of the little lights that we have strung. I'm surprised that she did this, you see.... last year we accidentally destroyed a hummingbird nest in the same spot. It is so small, we just thought debris had piled up on top of the light. We felt terrible! So, yesterday my oldest son comes running into my room telling me to come see the hummingbird in it's nest. I thought he meant that a hummingbird was buzzing around the (empty ugh!!) hummingbird feeder. "NO" he said, "it's in it's nest" Sure enough, there it was. Getting this picture was tricky because I had to open the door and didn't want to scare it. Well, I didn't scare it when I took the picture but I scared it when I closed the door, it flew off...... We were all worried. I mean how many times can you mess with baby hummingbird eggs and not get some bad karma???? Thankfully, it came back. It was super cool, it had a bit of fuzz in it's beak and we got to see how it added it to it's nest. This morning it's still sitting in it's little nest dutifully.

Interesting fact about hummingbirds: Did you know that a hummingbird is the only bird that can fly upside down??? Cool right!!

Well, needless to say, we feel very lucky. Most of the time you can't catch one sitting still for more than a second or two. It'll be interesting to watch the nest, I'll take photos when and if we get baby hummingbirds in our little nest.

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Outofmymind said...

How cool. Our cat's like the hummingbirds around here too much. Enjoy your visitor, and thanx for sharing.

Jingle said...

What an adorable place to have nested! That is so fun!

Ellie said...

How fun; I hope you get more photos!
I love hummingbirds, I have seen them sit on the top of my tomato cages and pause a bit. I was stunned, I didn't think they did that! Great pic; Thanks for sharing!

Shelly said...

Cari Girl?

You know that LITTLE beige cotton lace trim I've bought from you in the past,,and I've seen posted recently on Lollishops? Let me know how much of it you have and I'll pay you through one site or the other! I'm out and would love more!

That hummingbird is just too G-Darn cute!I love them! I got "buzzed" one morning when I was sitting on the stoop drinking coffee, those little jewels move FAST!!!

Email me on the lace!


Elyse said...



Alisa said...

Aww, that is so cool!

Julie Collings said...

what a cute little mama bird. my gradma had a hummingbird make a nest on her christmas lights. she came back several years in a row. isn't it sweet and tiny..

LaurieStar said...

What a great shot of this hummingbird! We have a feeder by our breakfast table and we can watch them sit and eat and then sit on the branches of our azalea after they're done. Such amazing little birds!

kanishk said...

What an adorable place to have nested!
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