Monday, April 19, 2010

Petite Inspiration Nesting Box Swap Revealed

I Love Swaps!!!And, the Petite Inspiration Boxes are probably my favorite swaps. I love getting creative little goodies. I think it's a fun challenge to use things that are different from the ones you would normally purchase. Kind of broadening your artistic horizons... The box above is the one I sent out to my three wonderful partners. Here is what I filled them with. The theme was "feathering the nest" I couldn't help throwing in those adorable little umbrella.
This is the first box I received. We must have been on a blue and brown wavelength. LOL!! Isn't it absolutely stunning. The wonderful Maggie filled my little box with so many inspirational little items. It's all so sweet!!! The super creative partner Number 2 Lonnie must have been on the same wavelength too. The funny thing is that I almost put a nest on top of mine too. Love, love, love the flowers and especially the little birdie pin. Thank you!! Gwen must have been on a different wavelength, an equally fabulous wavelength though!!! Her box is so different but so absolutely amazing as well. I think that Peach is going to be the color this Summer. Well, at least for me.

So, that's It. Thanks for playing ladies, I hope you liked your goodies as much as i loved mine.




New items will be coming to my goods shop soon!!


Debby said...

All three are beautiful gifts, so pretty.

Ellie said...

Wow, gorgeous bundles! Love all the colors and gifts! Looks like a really fun swap!

Jingle said...

Oh, my GOODNESS!!! These are so wonderfully fabulous! I should do one of these swaps one day!

Shelly said...

Very Cute Cari!

Have a great day!


gwen said...

Thanks for the swap, Cari, I love the box you sent.

My box was actually a mistake! You can see the story at

I'm glad you like it :] And I totally agree about the peach.