Thursday, December 31, 2009

Swap Crazy

Well, it seems to be that time of year again.
What time of year? you ask....
Swap time, of course!!
I just can't seem to help myself.
I just love doing swaps. Especially the one above.
Around this time last year is when I began blogging.
I signed up for lots of swaps!!
This one was by far, one of my favorites.
This one was super fun to do too.
Oh yeah, and One World One Heart (OWOH) is back for it's annual worldwide artist giveaway.
I've got to participate in that too.
Then I've got a soldered necklace swap through my Marie Antoinette group too.
Do you think I've got too many things going on? Nah!!
Just the right amount I'd say.
Hope you are getting involved and having lots of fun.
Happy New Year!!
I hope you achieve all of your goals, are granted all of your hearts desires, and are extremely healthy this coming decade.


Lori said...

Happy New Year Cari!!! i hope 2010 is wonderful for you!!!

Elyse said...


as soon as i saw the opening image i zoomed over to heather's to sign up. i LOVED this swap last year!!!

happy year cari!