Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fat Book Swap Pages

I was lucky enough to join Thriftymisspriss's "Winter White" themed fat book swap.
and, here is what I received.
This page is by Kelly from inmysepiastudo. The little tag pulls out. Just adorable.
This page is by Joyce from justifiedjourney.
I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the house is on top of a fabulous satiny fabric with the most beautiful trims.
This is one of my pages. I made 3 different page styles.
Originally there were twelve of us participating but someone dropped out.
Julie Ann just contacted me to let me know that she made this lovely page. Check out her lovely blog when you get a chance.
This page is probably my favorite, I just love the Japanese baroque pearls and millinery.
Unfortunately, this one isn't labeled on the front either.
This sweet little lady is from Carrie
I don't think Carrie has a blog but she should.
You can't see them in the picture but the cutest little charms are hanging down from the left of this page.
Here is another fabulous little girl from Lynnae
The flower detail on this is wonderful, and she used a real photo (not a copy of one).
I wish I could see what the other 11 look like.
This is a ridiculously cute page by Jill
on the back of her name tag she put the definition of whimsy:
1. capricious humor, fanciful
2. an odd or playful notion
How sweet. We should all add a little bit of whimsy to our days don't you think.
This adorable little lady with the cutest crepe paper ruffle along the bottom is also unlabeled on the front.
This charming page is by our lovely hostess herself, Robin
I love how the glittered star is already tarnishing, and the fabulous sewn fabric backing.
It was so wonderful of her to host such a fun swap, especially at this time of year.
And, last but not least is this wonderful page, the picture reminds me of the Russian Tsar Peter.
This page was made Leslie from junk girl studios
This is probably my longest post ever.
Well, yesterday we had our annual cookie day with my mom and my niece. Totally fun and productive. Then, we all went ice skating. Wow was it cold. (Well, for California) But, geez, I realized what a wimp I am about the temperature.
wrapping, wrapping, wrapping,
quiche crust making for our Christmas brunch
and then we will watch "It's a Wonderful Life"
Hope all of your Holiday lists are getting shorter and that you are having fun making them shorter.


caroline joy said...

You do a lot of great swaps, don't you? That's awesome -- everything is so creative. Merry Christmas!

Elyse said...

hi cari!

bring on the whimsy! what a lovely swap! everything is so pretty and creative.

my list is getting shorter. trying to maintain a festive vibe. now if my boys could just get along!


Andrea said...

So pretty! I love doing swaps but haven't done any in a while! Merry Christmas , I love the book!

Julie Ann said...

Hi Cari :) I made the page with the silver snowflake and the flocked snowflakes- my info is behind the tag "Baby It's Cold Outside" :) I just loved the page I received from you in my book!!! I will have to write a post about it once I return home from the holidays... I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Alisa said...

Wow, they are all wonderful!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi Cari! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! The Winter White book is just beautiful isn't it? I look at mine over and over again!
The page you mentioned with the pearls and the number three was done by Mary Green
I know some of the artist forgot to put their info on them.
I hope you have a wonderful start to 2010!

Jeanneoli said...

WOW...what a gorgeous swap! These are some of the most incredible pages I have seen. I love that they are all in whites, creams and silver.