Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Second Petite Inspiration Box Swap Reveal

A Happy Mistake!!
By some happy mistake I was put into two swap groups. My first group had been in contact, we'd talked a lot, we'd even sent and received our swaps when I received an email from Heather, our lovely hostess, telling me that my partners hadn't heard from me?????????

Well, all's well that ends well. I was put into two groups and of course agreed, who wouldn't? So, this is what my first partner Jayme sent me. I love the colors.Look at all of the amazing goodies. I love the little tin and all of the brass jewelry components. Yummy!!! I can't wait to start creating. I'm so inspired.
So, my second partner Sharon Jankowicz sent me this amazing package. It's definitely not a matchbox. LOL. I'm sooooooo glad I decided to stay in the second group.
Here's a side view of this intricately detailed wooden cigar box. Sharon hammered the velvet ribbon along the bottom and finished the box off with my initials.
This is a shot of the inside lid of the box. WOW!!
O.K, so this is what I see when I open the box. Hey, there's the Matchbox. ha ha. Sharon does embroidery, to say the least, check out her book on embroidered cards.So, here it is after all of that lovliness, the actual matchbox. Stunning!!! Take a look at all the beauty inside, see the fleur de lyse pin, that was her grandmothers!! Can you believe it?! Rhinestones, ribbon and even french soap.
But wait..... inside the matchbox was a little matchbox (of course there was!!) Look at all of the lovely vintage buttons and french franc. There is even a sterling silver vintage "forget me not" heart charm. I feel like I must have some pretty good kharma. Lol!!

Thank you ladies for such a superb swap. Tomorrow I'll show you the pink and silver charm swap that I did with my Marie Antoinette group.




Diane said...

Oh wow, what wonderful goodies, I am jealous...looks like a fantstic swap!! Yes, I am, "spying" on you from the MPTS forum...welcome and congrats for bing ont he creative team.....feel free to post about it, grab the links for your side bar.....have fun...great blog, I will be back...and love that jewelry, you should post it on the forum...gorgeous!!

Elyse said...

" !"

= speechless

lovely boxes, cari. have FUN!


Maija said...

So very lucky you were to be in 2 fabulous swaps!!!