Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fabulous New Find

Look at all of this yumminess!!

Yesterday I visited this fabulous shop in Huntington Beach, CA. It's called Gramma's Attic. Where have you been all my life??? LOL O.K, so the shop is packed to the rafters with fabulous treasures everywhere. You will literally have to dig through the gorgeousness. I will have to go back at least three more times just to take it all in and by then there will be so much new stuff. Ugh, I guess I'll never be able to take it all in. (I'll just have to keep trying!!) So, I got some vintage Dennison star's, a small pink ruffled glass bowl, and the most luscious black velvet ribbon you'll ever find. (Hoping to have pictures to share soon.) Their prices are super reasonable. Yeah!! Oh ya, and they were voted #1 Antique store in Orange County. whoo hoo!! Why didn't I know about them sooner????

O.K. Enough of my fabulousness commercial, I'm off to the beach with the kiddos!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cari...I know my husband's glad that shop isn't in my area!!!

I could spend my retirment bonus in there....if I could ever afford to retire LOL


Elyse said...

great displays, great photos! looks like fun.


Kansas Jayhawks Gifts  said...

Hi Cari,

I like these photos. I love this type of merchandise which you share with us. Such a awesome gifts.

Thanks and cheers!!!