Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun!!

We are busy having fun!!
This month is my month to pick the book in one of the book clubs that I am in. I am always a little nervous about picking the book when it's my turn. I'm always afraid that if I pick my favorite books that they wont like them. But, I did it anyway. This is by far in my top 10 favorite books of all time. The movie was really good too. I know that that is unusual but, it's true!!
Here's what else we've been doing.Monday, it was a little windy and cold. But still super fun. Can't wait for the beach to warm up a bit. Unfortunately when the beach is the perfect temperature it is blazing hot at my house. Oh well, that's just part of summer.
Oh yeah, and don't think I'm too crazy, I've started making Christmas cookie dough and freezing it. I know, I know, but it's the only way I can get everything done on time.

Hope you all are having a wonderfully fun and relaxing summer too.




Lori said...

i never read that book...i will have to look for in on my next library run!!!

Kai said...

As much as I read, I have never read that book tho' I DID see the movie! I'll definitely check it out! And Cari, you are SO not crazy! You're brilliant! I do believe in August I will make MY cookie dough for Christmas baking! Great idea!

Elyse said...

mmmm! bring a roll of cookie dough to the beach. now that's summer fun! (tee hee)