Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Latest Obsession!

I am obsessed!!! I'm sure most of you can relate to one artsy obsession after another. (right???) Well, this is mine right now!! I am having so much fun soldering these little charms.
I made them for my sons teachers as end of the year gifts. I put their initials on one side and the word "inspire" on the other because that's what teachers do.
I made one for the room mom with her initial and the word "believe" on the back, she's going through a little bit right now and I thought that might help. I made a few with mermaids on them for a project I'm working on and then I got inspired. I combined my obsession with soldering and my love, love, love, of vintage floral wallpaper and made these little beauties. Yeah!! I think I'm going to make a few with vintage maps, sheet music, french text....
Oh my!!! I might need rehab. LOL

I'm sorry that I've been MIA lately. I'm super close to the finish line. Homework is done for my boys, the girls have a few more finals this week, Thursday is their last day of school so we've got school parties, and award ceremonies. Friday, my oldest is in a fashion show and we have a little league playoff game, then Saturday my oldest has SAT2's, the boys have league closing ceremonies, my youngest daughter has 2 birthday parties to go to, and finally, Sunday is our team party. That's it!!! Then I'm done for the summer. Then the kiddos and I can spend relaxing fun time blowing bubbles, flying kites, going to the pool and the beach, drawing with sidewalk chalk and playing handball (lots and lots of handball). Oh yeah, I'll get to blog again. Yeah!!!

Update on our "little visitor": Here are her babies, they've been in there for awhile but were too small for us to see. They are so big now the momma doesn't fit in the nest. We are watching closely hoping that we'll get to see them learn to fly. If we do, I'll get some pictures.
Have a wonderful relaxing week.


Elyse said...

hi cari,

no apologies. this is a busy time of year. i have been gather teacher gifts myself. your necklaces are beautiful. i can see how it would be easy to become obsessed with making those!

enjoy the rest of the school year. we have less than 3 weeks to go.

ooh - heather just announced a swap. go see!


Karin said...

Such adorable gifts....the teachers are going to love them!

Shelly said...

Hi Carie Sweetie!

Glad to see you post! I know when my kids were little,,,AND I was a single mom working odd hours at Nordstrom (Thank God for Grandparents) I didn't have time for much of anything else!!!

Love your necklaces! Too cute! I love the thought that you put into them for the kids teachers and aide...too sweet!

I've had an obsession as late as well...making headbands, hairclips and funky pins,,,,,Finishing up now getting ready for Farm Chicks in Spokane/WA this weekend!

Glad to see that you are well and still finding a BIT of time for your creative expressions!

Stop over and say "hi" when you have time!

Hugs and Love,

Lori said...

Cari, i was wondering about your little hummingbird, thanks for the update...how sweet that you have babies in there now...sounds like you are a whirlwind of activity over there right now...i bet you will be happy to finally slow down...your charms are adorable, what a wonderful gift idea!!!

Ellie said...

These are so sweet; I need to learn to solder; it makes me a bit nervous!
Did it take you long to get it?
Love the birdies; we have birdies too! Warblers...hope to get a pic tomorrow~
Wonderful gifts; you did an amazing job!

Jingle said...

That is a great thing to be obsessed with! LOL! I love them! So cute!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, these are wonderful!!

We're partners in the Parisian swap!! I sent you an email. Just wanted to let you know here in case it ended up in your spam!!

I'm so excited about this swap! I love this theme!!


kanishk said...

it would be easy to become obsessed with making those!
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Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cutie,
aahhh these are darling.
hope all is well