Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pretty In Pink

I'm feeling Pink again!! I recently made a bunch of Pink and Silver charms for a swap that I am in.
I don't usually use silver metal because I always used Sterling and I got tired of polishing it.
I do love the way it looks though. These were so fun to make, I can't wait to see the charms I receive and assemble my charm bracelet. I might just be hooked (again!!) That does seem to happen to me quite a bit. LOL
While I was feeling pink I made these little cuties too. I have to admit, I do love all colors, I even love bright primary colors and everything. But, I keep coming back to pastel pink, I can't help myself. I even read once that I like pastels because of my Zodiac sign. Well, who knows!? I'll just keep making what makes me happy.

Have a lovely Fathers' Day tomorrow, in case I don't make it back.




Lisa said...

What lovely pink bits! They are wonderful. The little match boxes make me think of small boxes I used when I was little for treasures!
Hugs, Lisa

Karin said...

Love it! Such pretty shades of pink....

Kai said...

OMG! Now I really AM glad I decided not to sign up for the swap! I ALMOST did, but I kept thinking, "Now Kai, you KNOW your stuff will NEVER look as elegant as the other's! Don't humiliate yourself!" I LOVE things like these - just not very GOOD at MAKING them! YOU, however, are MARVELOUS at it! Such beauty and perfection in little bitty packages! The pink is GREAT! NICE WORK!

Jingle said...

Oh, this is all so pretty!