Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Amazing Giveaway, and One Amazing Blog

" Oh, hello friend. You are loved..."
Don't you just love that?!! That's what the blog is called. I just discovered it yesterday and I must say that I loved seeing those words on my blog list. It's such a nice affirmation. Kinda silly of me huh? Well, even if you don't add this stunningly stimulating blog to your blog list you should still hop over and enter their amazing (i mean AMAZING) giveaway. Like one of my wonderful fellow bloggers, I've got the "March blues". I'm pushing through it though and should be back to post more frequently soon. Hopefully, this giveaway will brighten all of your days just a little bit.
Have a fabulous day.



Elyse said...

well, at least it's not february any more! LOL at least in a few weeks the calendar will say spring.

i love your new header photo. so cute, girlie and springy!


Lori said...

the blues will go away...mine finally did...your new banner is cute!!! i agree with Elyse!!!

natalea said...

thanks for the link Cari. Hope you are getting thru those blues too...xo natalea

Cristina-Sweet Pea Ink said...

hello sweet girl! someone i know just won a certain giveaway at a certain shop. :) i'll be sending you a little package of spring happiness. i'm so glad we have this outlet of the blogworld to express our feelings and creativity. here are big arms giving you a big hug to bring you into the beauty of spring.