Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
The "wearing of the Green". This is apropos today since my boys definitely are NOT wearing Green. You see, I have had a sick little boy home with a high fever for the last two days and last night his fever broke. Yeah!! So, this morning when I was getting the boys ready I was really just happy to have clean clothes for them to wear. It never even entered my mind that today was St. Patrick's Day. It should have!! Today is my dads birthday. (Happy Birthday Dad!!). I hadn't forgotten his birthday, I just didn't put that and the whole "wearing of the Green" together in my head. So, I drop my boys off, walk up to the top of our hill to wave goodbye and what do I see?A see of GREEN!!!

Of course!! So.... I rush home, draw two four leaf clovers on some felt, plug in the glue gun, cut out my clovers, trace around them with gold glitter glue accent with green seam binding ribbon and hot glue a pin back on then race back over to the school. (To big of a hurry to take a picture, sorry.)They are boys after all. I mean seriously, how many times do you think they can get pinched and not punch somebody. LOL!!

On another note, my creative juices have begun to flow again. I put together some really cute Vintage Milk bottle cap Mini Scrapbook kits for my shop.

These are what the finished products could look like if you so chose. They are perfect as little brag books or Mother's Day gifts. You can even wear them as a pin.

The kits are filled with lots of lovely vintage papers and were just super fun to put together.Now, I'm off to finish up my Easter Basket Swaps.

Have a fabulous day.




Shelly said...


What a good mommy you are!

I have the crud, still after 6 days! I'm really tired of this!! Ackk!

Hope the rest of you stay healthy!


Anonymous said...

Those kits are adorable.. Happy St. Patty's Day!

Lori said...

Cari, what a good mom you are...lucky you are so crafty...your kits look adorable!!!

Sophia said...

Love the kits!! Happy "green" day to you as well. :)

Jingle said...

Those are really cute! And how sweet of you to bring your boys a bit o' green!

Ellie said...

These are really sweet; I love what you did for your boys! Crafting really does save the day, doesn't it!

My daughter had to be Mariah Carey at school, you know, I had to be involved.

Glad everyone is on the mend!

Shelly said...

Cari Girl!

I'm having a giveaway over on my Blog! "Hop" on over if you'd like to enter!!!

Have a great weekend!

Natasha Burns said...

I had never heard of pinching on St Patrick's day until last week - I had to look up if it is an Irish thing or not. turns out it is an American tradition (we have lots of Irish people here, and Irish friends, who don't pinch!). So I actually understood what you were talking about but if I read this post a week ago, I'd be wondering what planet this happened on, LOL!!!

Elyse said...

oh are these cute!!!


LaurieStar said...

Hey - I just now saw this post and wanted to tell you that my Dad's birthday is St. Patrick's Day too! Too funny! :)