Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Today is my youngest daughter Emma's 13th Birthday!! I can't believe how fast the time goes. I vividly remember driving extremely fast to the hospital on a really early Sunday morning. I was already in transitional labor and was terrified that she was going to pop out in the car. Well, she waited till we got to the hospital but couldn't wait for the doctor. Then, God named my dear sweetie, we hadn't picked out a name, we just couldn't decided, neither of us had any favorites.
Then, poof!!! Her name just came to me in my state of delirium. She truly is a gift. I love all of my children equally, and relish all of their difference. But, miss Emma, wow!! She's too good. We have to try and get her mad sometimes, just so we know she can get mad. She used to lay on the ground completely still and quiet when she was throwing a fit!! Yeah, a fit!! That was her way of throwing a fit!! I sometimes worry that she is too nice. But, truly, the world needs more Emma's.
So, Happy Birthday sweetie. You rock!!


Lori said...

your daughter sounds like a sweetie Cari...i hope she is having a wonderful birthday!!!

Lisa said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday to your Happy Emma!
Hugs, Lisa

Jingle said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!!!

Shelly said...

Those girls are TOO cute! My Grandmother,,,and the coolest lady that ever lived was named Emma!

Happy birthday to your little sweetie!


Elyse said...

aw, what pretty girls, you lucky girl.

happy birthday, emma!


caroline joy said...

your daughters are beautiful! Oh to be young and have such flawless skin again ;)