Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!
Today is my 18th wedding anniversary. This is where I was 18 years ago. Ugh!! I miss Paris!
My wonderful fiancee (at the time) planned a fabulous honeymoon without telling me. We visited Rome, Venice, Paris and Amsterdam. We had an amazing time. We took soooooo many pictures. I even made him take off his shirt and stand on a broken pillar in the Ruins of Rome so I could take a picture of my Roman God. LOL. He was such a good sport.
We thought our honeymoon would be the first of many trips abroad. But, life had plans of its own. That's ok, we've had a wonderful 18 years. We had 4 amazing kids, and too much fun to even remember all of it.
Maybe we'll get to go back in 2 years for our 20th anniversary. If not, maybe on our 25th.
We'll get back there someday.
I wouldn't trade one day with my hubby for all the trips in the world.
Thanks hubby, you Rock!!


TattingChic said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fabulous honeymoon that you had! :)

caroline joy said...

Your honeymoon sounds amazing!Congrats on 18 years! I'm going on 18 years of marriage (Feb. 2010).

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary:)

Elyse said...

oh, what a dreamy honeymoon! warmest congratulations on your 18 happy years. i am sure you'll get back to paris one day! ooh la la!


Jenn said...

How romantic is that? You tell your hubby is fabulous from me. Happy Anniversary. (I heart Paris) :)

LaurieStar said...

Happy Anniversary! That's a long time - congrats. At least you got to Paris once- that's more than I have! :)