Monday, July 16, 2012

Marie Antoinettes Hamlet

 O.K, so if you saw Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette Movie then you might recognize this first picture.
In the movie Marie and her friends ran through this archway so that she could show them the lovely little Hamlet that she created. This actually isn't the first view you see of the Hamlet (creative license for the movie).
 You actually come across this view after you have spent a while wondering through the lovely little forested paths from the Petite Trianon.
 In my mind, the hamlet was one really sweet rustic building and some animals and a garden. NO....
In actuality, it's like an entire little village. It's so adorable. My daughter equated it to a theme park and then said that Marie was like the very first Walt Disney. (I don't know how factual that is but, that's what my daughter thinks... hahaha) 
 There are several houses and a barn and a chicken house and a milking shed and there are still animals kept there. Every house has it's own little backyard fenced in garden too.
Look at the roof!!! They are shake roofs and there are flowering plants growing on most of the roofs. Adorable!!
 At this point some of the buildings outer staircases are starting to fall apart but wouldn't it be neat if they fixed them up and then offered an opportunity to stay in the village?!! I would so be there!!
 After visiting Versaille it is very easy to see why Marie Antoinette loved the little village that she created. So open and inviting and relaxing.
 It was fun to wander around, the only thing is that there aren't any signs directing you back to the Petit Trianon so you need to leave yourself a little time to make sure you wander back before the last shuttle leaves or you'll have quite a walk back to Versailles.
 My daughter and I decided that this was by far our favorite part of the entire Versailles visit!! 
Hopefully more pictures soon. I hope I'm not boring you.
I hope everyones summer is going wonderfully.


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