Friday, June 29, 2012

Petite Inspiration Box Swap

Petite Inspiration Box Swap
Birthday Edition
 I absolutely love these swaps.  You get 2 partners and you fill up a large size matchbox with all kinds of lovingly chosen themed vintage goodies.  I have missed several of these swaps as of late so I was really excited to be able to participate this time.  I designed my boxes to look like (my version) of a cake. I might have been inspired by my recent trip to Marie Antoinettes hamlet and Petite Trianon, just saying. lol They are a little frilly.
 My partners have received their boxes so it's ok for me to give you a peek at the goodies I put into the boxes.  I love the vintage pink, yellow, and blue flower candle holders and just happened to find some wonderful vintage birthday cards and labels and even some vintage birthday sheet music. Then I made some goodies like a rustic petite pennant banner with some vintage pink chenille and vintage pink fabric. I thought that they turned out so cute that I might make a few for my shop.
Here are all of the goodies packaged up and ready to ship out.  I sure hope that my partners really liked their goodies. I had such fun creating again, I've been so busy and sure have missed being creative. 
Hopefully I'll be back with more posts soon, my oldest is back in NYC working at a french summer camp this summer so things have slowed down a bit here. 


Shell said...

So Cute Missy! I got my first one yesterday, so Lovely! (Posted it on my Blog!)

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Hugs and LOVE!

stephanie said...

The boxes you made are so sweet. Loving the tiers of pink crepe paper!

James Rawls said...

This boxes are so sweet. I really appreciate your professional approach.
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