Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 Sacre Coeur
 Sacred Heart Cathedral
 This is where we went on our first whole day in Paris. Let me just say, every single day we were in Paris we had absolutely amazing weather. I mean 75 and sunny with a lovely breeze all day. It didn't even get dark there until after 10pm. 

O.K.... There are a lot of stairs. But it was so worth it. That's my oldest. It was nice to have some mommy/daughter time.
Here is the church up close. It doesn't cost anything to get in and it's not half as crowded as this picture makes it appear. This is on a weekend day too. There is a catacomb and tower area that you can access for a small fee. We went into the catacombs but that's for another day.
The entire area was so lovely. There were street performers working for tips and there was a lovely fine food festival with samples. We tasted salami, wine, strawberries, and fois gras. yummmm!
This is just a random shot of a building facing Montmarte square where the artists all set up their canvas. I do have to say the artists area is much more touristy and expensive than it was 20 years ago. 
But still, a very lovely visit and the views are spectacular. Totally worth the climb.

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