Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just Some Eye Candy

 Today we went to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see "Lucy"she's kind of famous and my son was very excited.  It was very fun and interesting, such a lovely museum. But..... of course this was my favorite part.
If you live in the area and have the time you should stop by and check the museum out.  They had an absolutely adorable Maurice Sendak display too. But.... as I said, this was my favorite part of my favorite part (does that make sense?! lol) They have an exhibit of Movie Costumes right now!!!

They have such amazing craftsmanship! You can see "Captain Jack's" frock as well as Sherlock Holmes and Watson's get ups. There are many beautiful costumes, my daughter is a huge Heath Ledger fan and actually cried when she saw his costume from Casanova.  
I had to ask my friend if it was bad that I wanted to steal the buttons off of this gown!!! hahahaha (I would NEVER do that)
Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful Sunday


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