Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surprise Gift

One of the best gifts of my life!
(Picture from Graphics Fairy)
A few days ago my mom sent me a text and then the phone rang.
It was my mom. She said "did you read your text" I said, "no, what's up?" She said, "read your text." I said, "why, you're on the phone, what's up?" She said "just read it!!!"
the text said.....
"Pack your bags, you leave for Paris in May"
I am sooooo stinking excited.
She said I deserved it because ever sense my kiddos were born I always put them first and now I deserved a vacation.
I am in shock!!
My oldest was planning on being alone in Paris for 8 days and I was worried about her being there alone. I don't know why though, she does live in Manhattan by herself now. But, for some reason I was worried. Now, we get to have a spectacular "mother-daughter" trip.
I am soooo grateful and excited, and already thinking about all of the blog posts I'll be able to get out of one trip. lol
Hopefully I'll post again soon,
life is a little crazy.


Grammas Attic Antiques said...

I cant think of a prson that deserves it MORE than YOU!
Love you,

Elyse said...


(look at me, using all caps!)

how very wonderful!!!


Rocklollipop said...

wow, you make great things! :)

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