Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've been obsessed with these flowers lately.
I love them all soooo much.
So.. I bought some (A LOT).
Now what to do with them??
Make lots of pretties for my shop.
I had so much fun putting these beauties together and playing with my new macbook to design the labels.
Soon these babies will be listed, I've got rings, earrings, and hair pins all wonderfully inexpensive so that you can brighten up the end of your winter with a jewelry garden or get a head start on spring!


grammas attic said...

I have lots and lots of vintage millinery!!

Peachesandcream said...

I love your blog :-) so cute and pretty xxx

Heather said...

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talha said...

Flowers are the symbol of love and care, flower can communicate your feelings in the way no one can do.

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