Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It"s Coming!

It'll be here before you know it.
I seriously, promise, saw a man hanging Christmas Decorations on his house today!
and.... I signed up for my First Christmas Swap of the year yesterday!! yay!!
This year, Christmas holds even more joy for me than normal, this year, my oldest comes home from school!!! yeah!! Dec. 15 th, I already bought her plane ticket! 44 days and counting till she's here. My hubby has big plans for decorating this year, he wants it to be a Winter Wonderland when she gets home. (we'll see how that goes).
Anyways..... just a little heads up in case you lost track of the time. LOL

1 comment:

Elyse said...

yeeks! i have some presents to buy for an exchange during thanksgiving.

i want fall to slow down! i'm sure you can't wait for your daughter to be home though. okay -- november can be slow for me, fast for you!

{did this make any sense?}