Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing You.

Oh how I've missed you all!

Life has been super crazy around here but let me try and get you caught up on what's been happening. First, I was in a little "Petite Inspiration Box Swap". Seriously, these are some of my all time favorite swaps. I just love everything little. So..... here are the boxes I made and shipped to my partners.This is what they saw when they opened their boxes....
And these are all of the little goodies I stuffed their boxes with. I hope that they liked receiving them as much as I enjoyed making them. Tomorrow I'll get pictures of all the fabulousness that I received and show you. Alright, so I said I was busy, well...... here is one of the reasons. My sweet Emma graduated from 8th grade. (bragging alert!!) She ranked 5th in her class of 500, she was nominated for P.E. girl student of the year, Academic girl student of the year, Overall girl student of the year, she was President of CJSF (a scholarship foundation), and Drill Team Captain. Wow!! (I warned you about the bragging). We had an 8th grade dance, award ceremony, field trip, Drill team field trip, cheerleader try-outs (congrats on making the JV team as an incoming freshman), and lots of tumbling classes to get ready for try-outs. Wheh!! The one in red is graduating High School this Thursday. This picture is at home before Prom, goofing around with her little brothers. She's keeping us busy too. We've been figuring out college financing, senior poetry reading, senior awards, school fashion show modeling, prom, prom shopping, (and boy does prom entail a lot of running around) sending our graduation announcements, finals, oh yeah, and her school movie premier!! The little ones are chaos causers too!! lol Little league games, school parties, airtrix classes, baseball practice, team parties, little league closing ceremonies, ugh!!Here's Audrey and her date. They look so nice together.

Well, I told you I was busy, Thanks for listening to all of my chaos. I just didn't want anyone out there to think that I've been neglecting you by choice. LOL

Summer is finally here, fun is to come! "Relaxation and creation" that's going to be my goal and motto for the summer.




Kai said...

OMG! What GORGEOUS children you have, Cari! And obviously VERY smart & talented! They take after their mommy!!! Also, I adore the beautiful box! WOW! I am hosting a VACATION IN A MATCHBOX SWAP, and YOU are the reason! I've wanted to join your tiny box swaps before but I was so scared I wouldn't measure up so I decided to host one so I could test the waters first. LOL! See how you inspire me? Hugs to you today & I hope your summer will be FILLED TO THE BRIM with joy & creativity!

hapi said...

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