Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm still here!

I'm still here. We've been battling pneumonia. Ugh!! Don't worry, we're making it.
School finally started for my oldest! Yeah that means they are all back in school. It's so funny how much I want summer to start and then how relieved I am when it starts back up.
I'm a bit sad this year though.

Yesterday was her last first day of school. boo hoo!! (except for college but that's different, you know what I mean.) This one, she's quite a character! This will be such a stressful year for her but sooooo exciting too. She's got one more SAT test, and early application to NYU (cross your fingers) 3 Ap classes and an honors class to boot. But it will be fun too. She goes to a fabulous school and will have tons of fun doing cool senior activities.

These are her all time favorite shoes. (boy have they had it!) She even won an award in Cheer in her freshman year for "sparkliest shoes" !! Even though she wasn't supposed to wear them during cheer. LOL

She finally got to travel this summer. She went to NY, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Boston, and Connecticut on college tours. Lucky!! She got to stay in a fabulous hotel in Times Square and see "Rock of Ages" on Broadway, they even stayed after the show to take a picture with Constantine (from American Idol). She came home with a shirt that says "Hooray for boobies"

O.K, now that they are all back in school I will be able to visit all of the wonderful blogs I follow again. Yeah!!! I can't wait.

be back soon. have a lovely week



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lisa said...

"Hooray for Boobies" Didnt we have
fun! Even the dark moments we found a way to laugh. Best of luck to you
on your NYU journey.
Love you,
Aunt Lisa