Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swap Crazy

Swaps are in the mail!!

I signed up for three different Swaps this month. That means five different packages to create. Yeah!! I did it! I knew I would but still. So, here's a sneak peek at what I shipped out. I don't want to show too much. I want my buddies to be surprised.
This was so fun and so exciting but also extremely stressful. Don't get me wrong, I WILL do it again (every chance I get)!! It's only that these were my first swaps and I really wanted them to be good. I really want my swap buddies to be happy.
So, I stressed, and stressed, I made stuff, then made different stuff. First I tried to make something in a style I thought others would like, then I went back and made them again in my style. I was sooo much happier when I was true to myself.
(But, that's true in every aspect of life right?!)
Well, now I'm off to make some things just for fun. I've been dying to make some of the beautiful Valentines I've seen in tutorials. I'll post pictures when their done.
O.K, my lesson for the day (just in case my kids read this):
Remember, always stay true to your self.


Jenn said...

Your boxes look awesome! Can't wait, can't wait! You should be getting yours very soon.....

pinkstilettos said...

Hey-I was wondering where do you go to sign up for these swaps? How do they actually work- I mean how do you know who to swap with? I would really like to check them out and just maybe participate if I can. I think this would be so fun. Daisy~

Elyse said...

i am part of the speckled egg swap and can't wait to receive my boxes!!! so fun. your boxes came out beautifully! your 3 swap pals are lucky girls!

glamgirl said...

Hello, I found your blog through One World One Heart and since we are pratically neighbours I thought I'd drop by. I'm not entering your lovely draw as I am trying to sort out my stuff and am trying not so add more goodies to the pile but I just wanted to say Hi. I do the occasional swap too and I know what you mean that they are stressful but I always think of the surprises that I will get in return Take care

Elyse said...

hi again,

hooray! i just bought the most beautiful pink sparkly earrings from your etsy shop!

lucky girl = me!