Saturday, August 14, 2010

Petite Bead Box Swap Reveal!!

It's finally here!!
Check out all of the other reveals by clicking on the picture below. (The actual reveal is tomorrow, I posted a little early. Enjoy!!)
It's time to reveal all of the yumminess that I received from my fabulous partners in the "Petite Bead Box Swap" hosted by the fabulous Cassandra Van Curen from myartfuladventures.

Look at these fabulous boxes. WOW!!! What details!!My first partner Sarah from mysocalledjunkylife
sent me this super generous and wonderful assortment of beautiful beads.
My second partner Terri Gordon sent me this fabulous box. Look at the shell details on top. She sells them in her shop (if there are any left!!) I love all the beads but especially the little hand painted heart charm. My third partner was Karen from somedaysarediamonds she sent me this wonderful assortment. Yeah!! I am so grateful to all of my wonderful partners. I can't wait to get started creating.

Sorry I've been missing for awhile. School started on Wednesday but my boys couldn't go, one of them had pneumonia (ugh) and the other one was on the verge. They are doing much better now. Thank goodness!! That was super scary. So anyway, they'll be back in school on Monday and then........... let the crafting begin. LOL




ViviBijoux said...

That looks amazing Carri! I swaped as well and in the process of posting the pictures. Don't you just love Terri's box, Fab!! smiles, Virginie from

Cassandra said...

Everything looks so lovely! Thanks so much for joining! :) xo Cassandra

Home and Heart said...

*sigh* They are all so lovely!!

Sarah said...

I think our group received some great beads! Thanks again for everything you sent!

Jacque said...

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